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*Price comparison based on information provided directly on competitors websites on November 27, 2019. All pricing information is presented in good faith and will be updated regularly.

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    • Do I need a prescription to get medication from Modern Man Health?
      YES. You can complete a telemedicine visit through our site, where a US board-licensed physician will write you a prescription if they deem it safe and appropriate. If you already have prescription for the medication, you can send that to us as well.
    • What is the difference between Viagra and Sildenafil (generic equivalent of Viagra?)
      There is no chemical difference between the sildenafil used in Pfizer’s branded Viagra tablets and the generic sildenafil available from other manufacturers. Assuming the dose is the same, you should get the same ED treatment effects from generic sildenafil as you would from branded Viagra. The BIG difference between Viagra and Sildenafil is the price. Where a single Viagra pill can cost as much as 70$ is the US, you can purchase Sildenafil products on our site starting at 2$/pill
    • How are you different from those other guys?
      Here’s an unfortunate fact, the other guys are selling products that were not made specifically to treat ED If you look closely at some of our competitors sites, you will see they are selling 20 mg tablets of a drug called Revatio. This drug contains Sildenafil, but was not created for ED! That’s why they make you take 3-5 pills every time you want an erection. Modern Man gives you great prices on REAL MADE IN AMERICA/FDA approved generic Viagra ( Sildenafil) at the proper strengths that doctors recommend.
    • How much does an online doctor’s visit cost?
      An online visit with a doctor costs $20. And if for some reason the doctor determines you’re not a good candidate for ED medication, you will be refunded the 20$ in full. Please note that this 20$ does not include the cost of your medication
    • Is my information private?
      We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously and have implemented strict security protocols to protect your information.
    • Is this a safe way to receive treatment?
      Yes. Telemedicine is safe and effective—as long as you answer all questions truthfully and accurately. Physicians practicing telemedicine depend exclusively on the information you provide them with from your medical form, phone and video. It is also very important to make sure to upload a photo of your ID and yourself (and not someone else). Finally, when you receive your medication, always read the instructions and treatment plan that come with them, so that you understand proper usage and treatment.
    • Is video chat required?
      It depends. Some states require video chat. If a video chat is needed, we will reach out to let you know the next steps.
    • Why do I need to know my blood pressure to be prescribed an ED medication?
      Blood pressure is an important part of determining whether it is safe to take ED medication. It can be dangerous to take ED medication if your blood pressure is above or below a certain value. When completing your online visit, you will need to enter your most recent blood pressure reading (within the last 6 months). If you haven’t had your blood pressure taken within the last 6 months, you can get a free blood pressure reading at thousands of locations across the country. Use these links to find a location to measure your blood pressure near you: higi or Pursuant Health 
    • Why do I need to upload photo ID, and a photo of my face?
      Your doctor needs these to confirm your identity so that he/she can prescribe you your medication. If you are having trouble uploading your photos, you can email them to [email protected] and we will add it to your account. If you have any questions about photos or ID, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-206-2701
    • Can I return my shipment?
      Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of prescription products. However, if you feel we have made an error in the filling of your prescription, please contact us at [email protected]
    • How quickly will my doctor review my initial chart?
      Once you submit your medical questionnaire, it will be reviewed by your doctor within 24-48 hours.
    • When will I receive my order?
      Once your order has shipped, it should arrive within 3-5 business days within eastern and central US 3-7 business days for Hawaii and the West Coast
    • How do refills work? Do I get charged again for the telemedicine visit?
      To get a refill for a medication, simply log in to your Modern Man Health account before checking out. This way, we can keep track of the number of refills you still have remaining and you do not need to complete, or pay for, another telemedicine consultation.

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