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About Us

We started Modern Man Health
because we know that you deserve more.

We saw a lot of people selling low cost medications online for ED.
But then, we read the fine print.

We realized they weren’t selling medications approved for ED. They were selling pills made for high blood pressure, and using them to treat ED.
We knew we could do it better.

Stronger pills,
made especially for ED

With more than 15 years in this business, we know how to help men take care of themselves and feel their absolute best.
Our REAL pills actually cost less than pills being sold that aren’t even made to treat ED.

Don’t believe us? Check out our comparison below.


Don’t be fooled by the price per tablet.
Start comparing what strength of product you get for your money.

5 pills needed


per 100mg Sildenafil dose

(2$ per 20 mg tablet x 5 tablets)

1 pill needed


per 100mg Sildenafil dose

5 pills needed


per 100mg Sildenafil dose

(2$ per 20 mg tablet x 5 tablets)

*Price comparison based on information provided directly on competitors websites on November 27, 2019. All pricing information is presented in good faith and will be updated regularly.

Get the most strength for your money

When it comes to ED, It’s all about the price / dose ( NOT the price per tablet!). Many online pharmacies claim to offer low cost pills for ED, but they don’t advertise that most men have to take 3-5 of their pills to have the desired effect.
Also, a lot of online pharmacies sell you pills in doses not intended to treat ED. When doctors prescribe generic Viagra (Sildenafil) for ED, they prescribe either 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg pills.

Our experience and connections mean that we can bring you incredible prices on real, approved medications for ED at the doses doctors recommend.

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

- The team at Modern Man Health

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